Free audio-tutorial: sitting on the bike

Author: Oliver Finck
Duration: 16 min
Subject: how to to sit correctly on your bike
Format: mp3

Sit more comfortable, safer and pain free on your bike, by finding out how to adjust your pelvis, shoulder blades and spine on the bike.

This lesson/course is designed to give you the knowledge and experience to find the best, most comfortable and most efficient position on the bike. Of course, you can adjust a bike to your body (and you should) or even buy a new bike. But most people don’t know how to adjust their body to sitting on a bike at all. Not to speak about a more challenging bike like a road bike or a mountain-bike. Then there might be the terrain which needs adjustment like a not so smooth surface, bumps, curbs, roots, stones, etc. .

Yes there is stuff for your bike that will allow the bike to adjust to that like suspension, big tires, etc. . But even the biggest suspension fork on downhill bikes has less travel than you arms and if you ever watch a World Cup down hill race, you can see how active the athletes use their whole body to get through the biggest rocks and roots. Of course you don’t need to go that crazy, but a more active position on the bike might help you also to get safer to work, to the grocery store or to the lake for a pick-nick. On top of that it you will be more comfortable, have less pain, and what’s most important have more fun!

Preview audio-tutorial: “Sitting on the bike” (1 min)

Try that lesson, I packed in a lot of information, so I recommend stopping the audio here and there and digest the new experience. You can even stop in between and continue the next day. Just download it or stream it on your phone. Put on some earplugs, find some quiet place, where you can roll around on your bike without caring about traffic or something and start a new experience on your bike! Riding a bike will never be the same again…

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